Pjur Cult

Pjur Cult For Rubber, Latex, Leather 100ml / 3.4oz            $21.95


I guess I am the only Review Crew Member who is into latex.  What’s up with the rest of you guys, anyway?  I want to see Ken and Denise and Gina & Kevin in some rubber or latex.  That would be so hot!06FP-Cult-bottle

This is only my second appearance with the Review Crew.  I did one gig back in November, I think.  I was the only one who would review the Divine Intervention Insertables.   Ok, so my tastes are a little on the unconventional side, so sue me!

Anyhow, here I am again doin duty on a product no one else could do.  I’m glad for that, because Pjur Cult is fuckin amazing.  I’ll be the first to admit that latex and rubber wear is a bit labor intensive.  Getting in and out of a body suit can be a real bitch.  I don’t see how people with a lot of body hair do it.  Maintenance of these articles can be a pain in the ass too.

But there is nothing like the feel of latex, or rubber!  I got this super pair of Opera Length Latex Gloves, a kick-ass mini-skirt and this latex lace-up top.  I also have a latex bodice that really shows off my rack.  My little sub boyfriend, Benny, begs me to wear this shit every time we’re together. As if, you freak!

But Pjur Cult actually makes his wish a possibility.  I’m able to get in (and out) of my outfits with ease.  It also keeps this very expensive stuff in beautiful condition when I don’t have it on.  It is oil-free and non-greasy and odorless too; thank you very much.  It even feels great on my skin.

I know that Pjur Cult isn’t the only such product on the market, but it’s a name I know and trust.

Get your kink on (fast and easy) with Pjur Cult .