Dai-Dö No 6

Dai-Dö No 6 ——  $58.99

Gina & Kevin

Gina:  “Dr Dick is right, Kevin and I are familiar with Big Teaze Toys.  We’ve already reviewed I Rub My Duckie and I Rub My Wormie.”
Kevin:  “We still play with our Big Teaze Toys in the bath.  They never grow old.”
Gina:  “Our previous reviews were of the playful side of Big Teaze Toys. Today we bring you their sophisticated side.  Have you ever seen anything like this before?  I hadn’t.  But I’m sure glad we lucked out and scored this review.”
Kevin:  “We’ve come to expect the unexpected from Big Teaze Toys.  Like the bath toys that are fun, functional and yet real conversation pieces, Dai-Dö No 6 is all that and more.  It has a distinctive teardrop shape that is stunningly elegant.  We have the ruby red one.  It’s fashioned from a superior grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel for a lifetime of pleasure.  This also means that Dai-Dö No 6 can be both chilled and warmed to suit your mood and add to the sensations.”
Gina:  “And pleasure you will have!  You see it weighs in at nearly 12oz, which is the secret to its hands-free pleasuring capacity.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  The bulb-shaped handle is ringed with black silicone that allows you to grip it easily, even with lubed fingers.  We used water-based lube so as not to damage the silicone band.”
Kevin:  “Dai-Dö No 6 is all about G-spot and P-spot pleasuring!  Once the teardrop end is inserted in either pussy or butt-hole the weighted handle does it’s magic.  Because of its unique shape you can even use Dai-Dö No 6 as either a butt plug or a pussy plug.”
Gina:  “And here’s the kicker; this is the most perfect implement I’ve ever used for doing Kegel exercises.  You simply can’t beat it!”
Kevin:  “Gina is right!  I can flex and tone my ass muscles as well as do my Kegels.”  It’s like weight training for my asshole…literally!”
Gina:  “The same is true for my vaginal muscles; it’s brilliant.  Don’t get us wrong; like I said a bit ago, this is a potent pleasure tool.  I elevate my pelvis on some pillows, insert Dai-Dö No 6, manually position it to make love to my G-spot, then rapidly flex my vaginal muscles to make Dai-Dö No 6 bounce.  My hands were free to roam my body from nipples to clit.”
Kevin:  “I did the same thing only through the backdoor.  I can’t get over how great the heft feels.  Just contracting my sphincter make the Dai-Dö No 6 dance.”
Gina:  “It’s the ideal toy for solo play, but it’s just as functional in couple play.”
Kevin:  “And because Dai-Dö No 6 is made of a nonporous material, it’s easily sterilized for sharing. Mild soap and water to clean; a 10% bleach solution, boiling or the dishwasher to disinfect.  Obviously it’s waterproof, but you’ve already figured that out, huh?”
Gina:  “Dai-Dö No 6 comes in chic, but not excessive packaging.  The Big Teaze Toys folks also include a sweet satin pouch for storage.  I’m in love with Dai-Dö No 6.  You will be too”
Kevin:  “Take it from me, guys (or gals even).  If you’re into training your butt for all the pleasure it can deliver, there’s no finer tool than the Dai-Dö No 6.  Get one today!