The Two Way by Simply Blown

Today Joy and Dixie present The Two Way

The Two Way

Joy:  “First off, there is no way a photo on a website could ever capture the stunning beauty of The Two Way.”
Dixie:  “That is so true!   When either one or both of us aren’t enjoying
The Two Way in the bedroom; it is proudly displayed on our mantelpiece on its own Plexiglas stand. Can ya stand it?”
Joy:  “I actually prefer this in my pussy, or better yet as a double dong for both our pussies; but it is lovely on the mantel, that’s for damn sure.”
Dixie:  “
The Two Way is made of Pyrex glass.  Ya know, that durable glass that daily takes a beating in your kitchen.”
Joy:  “It’s a whooper too!  It’s approximately 12” long x 1” diameter. It weighs a hefty 1lb 12.6 oz.  It’s quite a handful.  There is no texture to it; it’s totally smooth.”

Dixie:  “Actually, it’s more than a handful.  More than even two hands full.”

Joy:  “And as I said, your can play with this solo, or make it a party for two.  There is nothing gender specific about this; so boys can have a ball with this too!”
Dixie:  “If you are unfamiliar with glass insertables, you should know that the market is currently being flooded with glass products.  Very few of them are as fine a quality as
The Two Way.  The cheap knock-offs are being mass-produced in China.  I’d avoid that stuff like the plague, if i were you.  In this instance, you should expect to pay some real good money, $120+, for something top of the line like this.”
Joy:  “Glass is like no other sex toy material.  With just the tiniest amount of lube (we use a silicone-based lube) this thing becomes amazingly slick.  And you can warm or chill this baby for added sensations.”
Dixie:  “
The Two Way, like all quality glass products, is easy to care for too.  Warm soapy water and a nice lint-free towel is all you need for clean up.  But you can pop it in the dishwasher; sterilize it in a 10% bleach solution; or dip it in boiling water for a couple of minutes.  Because glass is non-porous, it is the ideal material for the toys one shares.”
Joy:  “There is no base on
The Two Way.  That’s why it’s double trouble, if ya catch my drift.  But it’s long enough and heavy enough so there won’t be any chance it could get stuck inside.”
Dixie:  “Generally we are able include a retail price and a link to an online store with our reviews.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that this week.
The Two Way is so new a company that you’ll just have to contact them directly and ask for pricing.”