Simply Blown – Love Line

This week Gina & Kevin is tell us about Love Line.

Gina:  “You can understand my excitement when Kevin and I were chosen to review these beauties.  Just look at them!  I could hardly contain myself.”
Kevin:  “She gets that way sometimes.”
Gina:  “What, are you trying to say you didn’t cream your jeans at the thought of having one of this up your bum?”
Kevin:  “Oh I’m so BUSTED!”
Gina:  “There, I told you.”
Kevin:  “Gina’s right we both got a little moist at the thought of diddlin’ ourselves (and one another) with the likes of the
Love Line.  She got the big one — 9″ tall x 1 5/8″ diameter, which stand on a flared base.”
Gina:  “And he got the petite one — 5″ tall x 1″ diameter, also with a flared base.”
Kevin:  “She used hers in her pussy, I used mine in my ass!”
Gina:  “It’s exactly like Jack Sprat and his wife, only completely different.”product_1
Kevin:  “We no sooner got in the door when we dropped trou, whipped out the lube and had at it for our first go.”
Gina:  “The tiniest bit of lube, either water-based or silicone-based, makes these beautiful glass insertables super slick.”
Kevin:  “I love to watch Gina fuck herself with her toys.  I get so fuckin’ hot.  The
Love Line glass made the experience almost psychedelic.  Once she got her rhythm, the 9” of super-smooth purple art plunged deeper into Gina with each stroke.  This drove her wild.  And, of course, I egged her on by making the most lewd comments I could think of.  ‘That’s it baby, stretch out that tiny little cunt of yours with that really big boy.’ ”
Gina:  “He does love his dirty talk.  I used to be so embarrassed when he would do that.  It sounded so crude.  Now turns me on.  See I’m growing!”
Kevin:  “Gina’s on her back, propped up by pillows.  I’m opposite her squatting till my ass lips come in contact with the glass.  It’s cool and my ass devours it.”
Gina:  “It’s true, without so much as a moment’s hesitation the petite pink plug disappears inside him.  He grins with amusement and spews more filthy talk.”
Kevin:  “I’ve taken bigger, but the hardness of the glass is a new sensation.  Oh, and by the way, this insertable can’t really be called a plug.  It’s a dildo.  A plug would have a notch just before the base that my sphincter would lock onto to hold it in place.”
Gina:  “I stand corrected.”
Kevin:  “I sure do hope Simply Blown does come out with a line of plugs.  Because I would love to wear one of these babies for a few hours.”
Gina:  “We both came watching each other pleasure ourselves.  I love to watch Kevin feed his behind.”
Kevin:  “Don’t you just love how she avoids calling my asshole an asshole?”
Gina:  “Sheesh!”
Kevin:  “On our next date with the
Love Line we took our time.  We added some sensation play.  The Love Line, indeed all fine glass like this, can be heated and chilled.  We used both, a hot water bath in one bowl and an ice water bath in the other.  Going from hot to cold or cold to hot blew our minds.”
Gina:  “These toys are meant to shared.  Because glass is nonporous, cleaning and disinfecting is a snap.  Mild soap and water to clean; a 10% bleach solution, boiling or the dishwasher to disinfect.”
Kevin:  “On our next go at these lovelies; I got to try the big boy, the one Gina had first.  It took some time and some deep breathing but I did it.  Gina helped me relax.  And once I had the gape goin, she plugged my ass but good.”
Gina:  “He is an ass-slut, that’s for damn sure.  See I said ass!”
Kevin:  “Gina liked the petite dildo.  It was easier to hit her G-spot.”
Gina:  “I highly recommend the
Love Line to anyone who is looking for the classic glass dildo.  You will not be disappointed.”
Kevin:  “And anyone out there still unsure about glass toys, if you buy quality, like the Simply Blown line, you have nothing to worry about.  But like all high-end toys you need to treat it right.  Care for it properly, and it will last a lifetime.”
Gina:  “Generally we are able include a retail price and a link to an online store with our reviews.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that this week. Simply Blown is so new a company that you’ll just have to contact them directly and ask for pricing.”