IRIS by LELO $129.00


I’m in love with LELO!  I feel like I’ve scored the Review Crew jackpot with my IRIS.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to IRIS, the beautifully designed and multifunctional silicone vibrating dildo, I mean insertable…I mean pleasure object.  Sheesh! LELO is so freakin’ high-end that they’ve taken it upon themselves to euphemize their sex toys as pleasure objects.  I say; “a rose by any other name…”

I’ve never been one to buy into the hype about sex toys, especially hype generated by a toy’s manufacturer about its own products.  But somehow “pleasure object” fits in this case.   LELO spares no expense in treating their customers like we’re someone special.  I mean, everything from the stylish upscale (some would say overkill) packaging to the 1-year LELO warranty confidently states quality.  Is there another toy on the market that comes with a warranty?

IRIS comes in three appealing girly colors, mine is pink.  Judging just from the color palette this pleasure object is obviously part of LELO Femme line.  They also have their Homme line that features guy toys in guy colors.   I’m not so particular about color, but I’ll bet a man would be less inclined to buy an IRIS because of the color.  And that’s too bad, because this toy could easily be enjoyed by either gender or everyone in between.

IRIS is also rechargeable, so a big hurray for that!  A three-hour wall charge gives it up to five hours of power.  Mmmm!  And because it’s fully charged at the factory, you can start playing with the IRIS immediately.  Extra points for that!

(By the way, I’m trying to be as responsible as I can with my motorized toys.  Whenever possible I choose rechargeable.  When that’s not and option I always use rechargeable batteries.  To do less is a both expensive and decidedly un-GREEN.)

The insertable part of IRIS is made of firm high-grade silicone molded into a stylized (slightly curved) flower bud shape.  Very appealing!  I like a little texture to my dildos, so this is perfect for me.  And get this; there two separate motors in this baby — one in the shaft and one in the tip. These can be controlled separately or together.

Despite the two motors, the level of vibration can’t compare to a couple of other vibes I own.  That actually surprised me, because I was expecting the IRIS to jump out of my hand on the high speed. The sensations are pleasant enough, and I could easily distinguish between the vibrations produced in the shaft as opposed to those produced in the tip.  Just don’t expect it to knock your socks off.   The motors, however, are very quiet; a feature that is very important to me.  I hate it when a vibe sounds like a lawnmower.

You’ll probably want to use lube with IRIS, because she’s thicker than a lot of toys.  Be sure you use only a water-based lube on a beautiful silicone pleasure object like this.  Using a silicone-based lube will destroy IRIS.  Because of it’s length, the pleasure is deep as well as full.

The control button is lighted and it allows me to increase the intensity of vibrations as well as cycle through the five pulsation modes.  However, the controls in the handle aren’t particularly easy to adjust with lubed fingers.  This can be pretty frustrating.

Oh, and here’s something really important; IRIS is splash proof, not waterproof.  There is little rubber cover that protects the charging port from moisture.  But if you somehow get water in there, be sure to let the thing dry completely before you try to recharge.

Clean up is easy with mild soap and warm water. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.

Besides the elegant gift box IRIS comes in, LELO also includes a satin pouch to keep her in between uses.  Now that’s thoughtful.

With proper care, IRIS will last a very long time.  It’s all quality all the time over there at LELO.  Undoubtedly, IRIS is pricey!  But in this case, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.  This high-end product makes the perfect gift for someone special.  And since June is wedding month, why not put a smile on any brides face, and possibly every groom’s too.  Give the blushing couple a LELO instead of a toaster and you’ll shake things up a little.