Perfect Touch Excite-Her Mega Silver Bullet

Perfect Touch Excite-Her Mega Silver Bullet $13.99

Joy & Dixie
Dixie:  “Now for the bad news.”
Joy:  “As you know, we had these two bullet vibes to test — Excite-Her Silver Bullet and Perfect Touch Excite-Her Mega Silver Bullet.  One was great, the other…not so much.”
Dixie:  “We liked the Excite-Her Silver Bullet, it was very nice.”
Joy:  “The Perfect Touch Excite-Her Mega Silver Bullet is another story.  It too is an oversized bullet vibe, bigger even than the Excite-Her.  I loved the size of the bullet; the bigger the better for my vaginal insertions, thank you very much!”
Dixie:  “And like it’s smaller sibling, this vibe is also waterproof.  But again I want to point out that the bullet itself is the only thing that is waterproof.  The hand-held controller/battery case is definitely not waterproof.”
Joy:  “And that gets us to the problem with this vibe.  The power-pack sucks, and not in a good way.”
Dixie:  “Yeppers, Joy’s right.  I mean the concept is a good one — it has a varying speed dial on the side of the hand-held power-pack that is supposed to adjust the vibe speed incrementally, like a rheostat on a light switch.”
Joy:  “If the manufacturer had pulled this off, the Perfect Touch Excite-Her Mega Silver Bullet would rock — big bullet and varying speed.  Sadly, the rheostat thingy is made really cheaply and so it really doesn’t work.  It turns on ok, but dialing the speed up or down just made the vibe sputter.  BUMMER!”
Dixie:  “The Mega Silver Bullet runs on three AA batteries.  And like all the toys from this company, the first set of batteries is not included in the package.
Joy:  “We cannot recommend this vibe.  We do, however, have a few words of advice for the Synergy Erotic people.  Why not invest more in the production values of your products and make a name for yourself in terms of quality, not price per unit. We’d be willing to pay considerably more for a vibe, like this, that actually worked as advertised.”
Dixie:  “What’s the use of spending a mere $16 for a toy that will wind up in the trash in no time.  It’s a shameful waste, if you ask me.”