Wavy Touch Me

Wavy Touch Me Penis Pink        $16.15

Jack & Karen
Jack:  “This must not have been our week!  After our less than happy experience with the Perfect Touch Satisfy-Her, we turned our hopes and expectations to the Wavy Touch Me.”
Jack:  “Here we have an 8 1/2 inch textured (wavy) dildo with what they call an Ultra-Gelle skin.  Because of the articulated plastic spine beneath the skin, the dildo bends and then holds its shape.  So far, so good.”
Karen:  “We remember Glenn and Hank’s review of a similar product (HERE) and we were totally looking forward to our little adventure.  The bending capability really appealed to me.  I love G-spot stimulation and I thought this would deliver.”
Jack:  “We never got beyond installing the 2 AA batteries.  (Again, no batteries were included in the package.)  Once the batteries were in place, I tightened the cap on the battery compartment and pushed the button on the base of the vibe to activate the blasted thing.  NOTHING!”
Karen:  “I said; ‘you’ve got to be kidding!  Maybe you have the batteries in wrong.’”
Jack:  “I thought, ok that could be it, although I’m not a complete dork.  I do know how to install batteries.  I loosened the cap on the battery compartment to check my installation when suddenly the thing sprang to life.  WHAT?”
Karen:  “I was really frustrated by this time.  I wanted to get my groove on and all I got was…well nothing.”
Jack:  “Apparently there is a flaw in either the design or the manufacture of this particular vibe.  The contact points didn’t line up properly with the batteries when the cap was securely tightened.  But once the cap was twisted open, the contact points hit the batteries and the vibe worked.”
Karen:  “Of course, that put the kibosh on the whole ‘waterproof’ concept.  D’oh!
I repeat what Jack said about the previous product; what can you expect for $16?  Still had I shelled out the cash, I would have expected it to work, at least for a little bit.”
Jack:  “By this point, I had had it too.  We struck out twice this week.  The Wavy Touch Me landed in the corner with the Perfect Touch Satisfy-Her never to be used again.  We put the disappointment behind us and pulled out one of our trusty toys and went to work on our pleasure.”