Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm

Jada is here with a Jelique product.
Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm $10.95

Jada:  “I love this new site, Dr Dick’s Set Toy Reviews; I’m so proud to be part of this effort.

I would like to introduce you to an interesting product — Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  It’s a creamy lotion one applies to one’s genitals, or the genitals of a partner to flavor them up and make them tingle.

I should say from the outset that I would have never considered using this product had I seen it in the store.  I would have simply passed it by.  You see, I like the way I taste and smell when I am aroused.

I used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm first by myself.  It has an intense butter cream scent.  It has a pleasant enough taste with a hint of mint.  I licked some off my finger first before I put some around my labia.  The hint of mint comes from the menthol in the ingredients.  This, I assume, is also what adds the tingling effect.

It tastes like icing on a cake.  It’s sweet to the tongue, but it also has a bit of a chemical aftertaste.  Maybe that’s the mineral oil base; I don’t know.  What I do know for sure is that, because of the mineral oil base, this product is not compatible with latex condoms.  But I believe that Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm is geared toward masturbation and oral sex.

I only used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm outside my vagina.  Considering the ingredients, I wasn’t comfortable using it inside me.  Saccharin in particular, one of the ingredients in this product, is definitely not for internal use.

I liked the tingly feeling, but I couldn’t say that it intensified my orgasm, as the Jelique website suggested it might.

My partner, Steve, liked Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm more than I did.  He’s kind of a sugar freak, so he liked the sweetness.  I found that Steve spent more time giving me oral pleasure using this product.  I liked that, a lot.  However, I preferred to orally pleasure him without Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  Steve did like the tingly effect on his penis though.  He liked when i masturbated him with it.

I’d recommend this product to people just starting out with oral experimentation.  It’s also a fun little thing to surprise a partner with. Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm comes in a couple other flavors besides Butter Cream Icing.  They are — Mint Chocolate Chip and Orange Dreamsicle.