Intimate Teas – My Maple Cookie and Screaming O

My Maple Cookie 12 bags — $32.00

Karen:  “This is so cool.  I’m a big tea drinker.  Never been one for coffee, but I do know my teas.  And since I’m a naturally hyper kinda gal, I try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.  These teas are delicious and they are herbal.”maple-cookie-full-product-page2.jpg
Jack:  “I, on the other hand, am not a big tea drinker, but I agree; these teas are good.  There’s an earthiness to them that I really liked.
Karen:  “First up today is My Maple Cookie.  I love it; what a name. This tea is a unique blend of premium herbs specially formulated to change the female genitalia and male semen to smell and taste like maple cookies.  How fun is that?”
Jack:  “Who would have guessed something like this was even possible.  I have to admit, it’s the damnedest thing.  Karen and I shared the tin of 12 tea bags over a 10 day period.  We both noticed a difference in the way we smelled and tasted.  Don’t get me wrong; I love the natural taste of she and me, but this is way fun.”
Karen:  “Jack’s right.  Although, I sometimes find his cum to be kind of acrid. My Maple Cookie
Jack:  “I like the taste of my own jizz.  I never find it acrid.  But I don’t taste it every day.  So I bow to Karen’s critique.”
Karen:  “The Intimate Teas website suggests pouring 8 ounces of hot water over a tea bag and let steep for 5 minutes.  Then gently squeeze the tea bag to let the active ingredients fully release into the water.  You may remove tea bag or allow to stay in water for stronger tea.”
Jack:  “This tea is not a miracle worker.  It won’t cover a multitude of sins.  Hell, even I know to avoid some foods like onions and garlic, a lot of booze and, of course, smoking, if you want your spunk to taste sweeter.” changed that in just two days.

Screaming O 12 bags — $32.00

Jack:  “Next up we have Screaming O tea.  The Intimate Teas people get high marks for the clever names and the packaging.”
Karen:  “They sure enough do!  This tea is a premium blend of unique herbs made to increase sexual passion in both women and men.  It is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, sexual stimulant and it’s supposed to intensify orgasms.”screaming-o-full-product-page3.jpg
Jack:  “That’s what it says on the website.  I was dubious…at first.  I figured, I already have intense orgasms, do I really need to improve on that…even if it’s possible?”
Karen:  “Things are much different for us gals, but I think you know that already.  I felt like the tea really did stimulate me.  And maybe it was only wishful thinking, but I felt my orgasms intensified too.”
Jack:  “Again, I defer to my lovely wife.  One thing for sure; this tea is a stimulant.  The first time I had this tea was near bedtime.  I thought, a nice cup of warm tea will make me sleep like a baby.  NOT!  I tossed and turned all night long.  But I did have a raging boner in the morning.  I don’t know if those two thing are connected, but they did follow one after the other.”
Karen:  “Kevin and I split the 12 tea bags between us, like the My Maple Cookie tea.  I didn’t drink my tea at bedtime, so I couldn’t corroborate Kevin’s story.”
Jack:  “I say, if you’re feelin’ a little pookie in the libido department, give this tea a try.  I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.
Karen:  “That goes double for the women in our audience.  And these teas come in these charming little tins.  They make perfect gifts any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.”