Earthly Body – Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Earthly Body Candle — Melt Away 6 oz. $15.99

One of the best things about being Dr Dick is sharing the bounteous melt-away-hi-res.jpgproducts sent to me for review with my Review Crew.  It’s like bein’ friggin’ Santa Claus all year long.  Despite my exceptionally big heart there are always some pangs of envy as I see a product I covet go off to a new home in the hot little hands of one of my posse.  Generosity is so bittersweet.

I had the damnedest time trying to choose among the Earthly Body products.  Each one is a mini treasure.  But since I am an avid practitioner of massage and bodywork I chose the Aromatherapy Earthly Body Candle — Melt Away as my keeper.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a body candle, here’s the deal.  These beauties are designed to melt at a lower temperature than regular candles.  You light them like regular, of course, but they liquefy quicker, thus the ‘wax’ (more precisely, oil) is not so hot.  So you light your candle, melt some, extinguish the flame and then use the sensuous scented oil to massage with.  There simply is nothing finer!

Not all such candles are created equal, don’t cha know.  But I can say with confidence that the Earthly Body candle is the finest I’ve ever used; bar none.  Their candles are made from 8 Natural Oils including Hemp Seed (Mmmm Hemp!), Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado, and Almond.  This is like a picnic for your skin.  It penetrates easily thus moisturizing your skin leaving it soft and smooth, like a baby’s bottom.

Wanna take a mini-vacation for under $20?  Look no further than Earthly Body.

And the fragrance is out of this world.  This particular candle — Melt Away, is scented with clove.  These candles are infused with real aromatherapy essences, mind you.  No cheap artificial stuff here, I’m happy to report.  So you have this complete experience — a scented candle that fragrances the room, which also provides an equally delectably scented high-quality massage oil.