Don Wands – Pink Nubby Rocket

Pink Nubby Rocket $29.99

Tag:  I almost got myself off with ‘Big Blue’, when I happened to look over and see the slightly more petite pink puppy waiting to take me for a ride.  I carefully pink.jpgreleased my grip on ‘Big Blue’, clamped down to stem the tide of my building orgasm and turned my attention to the Pink Nubby Rocket.

Actually Pink Nubby Rocket isn’t so little.  Approximately 7 ” in length and 1″ in diameter; this rose-colored dong features a nicely curved shaft with a whole lot of nubbies.  It has a nice base to hold on to for pumping in and out and directing the head to your P-spot (or G-spot).

My anal ring just loved opening and closing each time I slowly pushed another knobby ridge through.  You know that feeling when a dick head pops in and you relax a little and get ready for the rest?  Well this is just like that, only many more times over. And the curvature was perfect for working over my prostate, which made me leak.

This time I didn’t hold back and the Pink Nubby Rocket brought me home.  I howled loud enough to scare the dog.

On another occasion, my friend and I did a little double butt action he used the Pink Nubby Rocket, because he’s relatively new to ass play.  I hauled out the Cobalt Blue Smooth Vibrating Glass Wand, because I love a challenge.  My friend and I lie side-by-side, our heads at opposite ends of the bed.  This allowed us to work each other’s toy with one hand and pull our pud with the other.  Damn, if this wasn’t more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

You should know that a glass dildo gets real slick with just a wee bit of lube.  The good folks at Don Wands also thoughtfully included a sample packet of WET personal lube in the package.  Because a glass dong is nonporous the lube won’t get tacky.

One thing for sure, neither one of these dildos feels as substantial as the first one I had.  Of course, there was a huge price differential too.  The stunning one Dr Dick gave me last spring is much heftier; the glass seems more dense.

Now I’m very careful with all my toys, but I had the feeling that if I dropped one of the Don Wands they would shatter.  Not so the original one.  So that’s my only critique.  I’d prefer to pay more for high-quality glass, rather than get something for less, but fear that it might slip from my lubed-up fingers and possibly smash to smithereens on the floor.

Their website shows lots of different models including one colored and shaped like a candy cane.  I certainly hope Santa brings me one of those, because I have been very very good.