Don Wands – Cobalt Blue Smooth Vibrating Glass Wand

Cobalt Blue Smooth Vibrating Glass Wand $79.99

My name is Tag and this is my first published outing with the Dr Dick Review Crew.  Dr Dick and I go way back, but that’s another story all together.


The Cobalt Blue Smooth Vibrating Glass Wand is waterproof and like all glass dildos it’s hypo-allergenic, nonporous, ultra-smooth and very durable. I really appreciated the fact that the first set of batteries (2 AA’s) were included in the package.  There’s nothing I hate more than bringing home a battery-operated toy only to discover that the batteries are not included.  There oughta be a law against that!

Anyhow, I’m no stranger to glass insertables.  In fact, I have an absolutely stunning one that DD gave me last spring.  It’s hard (no pun intended) not to make a comparison between the first one and these two.  But before we get to that, let’s evaluate the two Don Wands glass dildos on their own merits.

Cobalt Blue Smooth Vibrating Glass Wand is a substantial dildo indeed.  It is, of course, rock-hard, straight as an arrow and a beautiful cobalt blue.   It’s 8” long with a 4 1/2’” circumference and it vibrates.

I don’t generally take things this big in my butt, so I figured ‘Big Blue’ would be the boyfriend to make me shout.  It warmed easily by running it under warm water (it could be chilled just as easily); took very well to assorted lubes; and just as I thought, it made me moan.  It was especially fun when I realized the vibration had a continuous setting and an intermittent setting.  The pulsating vibe was my favorite.