PES Tubular Mid Ring and PES Testicle Tubular

Hey sex fans,

We’re back with our final installment in this series that focuses on the pleasures of Erotic Electro Stimulation.  And the exceptional products of Paradise Electro Stimulations, PES.

Glenn & Hank introduce us to the PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode and the PES Testicle Tubular Electrode.

PES Tubular Mid Ring (C087)        $70.00

PES Testicle Tubular (C085)            $60.00

Hank:  “Ya see, the Tubular Mid-Ring is designed to stimulate various c087.jpgpoints along your cock shat.”
Glenn:  “And the Testicle Tubular Electrode
Hank:  “Put these babies together and you have some amazing sensations playing off one another all over your cock and balls.”
Glenn:  “The best thing is the Mid-Ring is completely adjustable.  It’s made of a flexible tubing that you can disconnect from the brass connection and cut to fit any spot on your dick, even right under your dickhead, like the PES Corona Stimulator.  Reconnect the tubing to the brass connection and you’re all set.”
Hank:  “The same is true for the Testicle Tubular Electrode.  So no one has to worry about a ‘one size fits all’ situation.  Because as we all know there is no such thing when it comes to cock and balls.”
Glenn:  “I hope you’re all getting the picture that these electrodes, as well as several other single-pole electrodes, can be use to stimulate multiple areas at one time.”
Hank:  “In fact, the Power Box is so versatile you can even rig up a three-electrode configuration.  For example — one on your dick, one on your balls and one up your ass.”
Glenn:  “O baby, oh baby you make me so hot!”
Hank:  “Sheesh!”
Glenn:  “Hey, I’m just sayin.”
Hank>:  “Ok, so here’s how it went down.  Glenn and I both wanted to try out this cock ‘n balls configuration, but I got to go first this time.  The Mid-Ring was the perfect size for me just as it came out of the package, so I didn’t have to trim it.  It landed just south of my frenulum.  Perfect!  The Testicle Tubular Electrode was a little trickier to get situated, but that wasn’t really much of a problem.”
Glenn:  “Once Hank got himself all strapped in, so to speak, I connected the electrodes to the Power Box using the leads.  We also made a little side wager.  I suggested that Hank trust me with the applying the juice.”
Hank:  “Actually, he’s not telling you the whole story.  He also wanted to restrain my hands and feet.  Glenn takes to the whole bondage thing like a pig to shit, but this was new territory for me.  The one being restrained that is.”
Glenn:  “So I said oh so sweetly, ‘you can trust me, babe’.”
Hank:  “Except he said it with this evil grin on his face.  So I’m thinking it’s payback time for everything I’ve dished out to him over the years.”
Glenn:  “You know that’s not how thing work.  Although the idea of stickin’ it to him real good while he were helpless did cross my mind.  I guess I do have a sadistic streak after all.  Who knew?  And just so you know, I wasn’t talking about a full-on bondage scene anyway.  Just some innocent velcro wrist and ankle restraints.  What a big sissy!”
Hank:  “In the end I gave in and let him have his way. This was a true role reversal for me and it did take some getting used to.  But almost c085.jpgimmediately my mind was distracted by the intense sensations in my groin.  I think not being able to control the sensations myself added to the intensity.  I now know what being a bottom is like.  While I don’t want to bottom every day, it was a very interesting experience.”
Glenn:  “And I like being a bottom more than being a top, but as Hank said, this was fuckin’ hot.  As I started to adjust the knobs on the Power Box, I could read the pleasure on Hank’s face.  His dick swelled to gigantic proportions.  I would have loved to jump on top of him and slide that thing in my ass.  But like a good top, this wasn’t about me.”
Hank:  “Glenn is right; I’ve never seen my dick bigger.  And again, this was a totally ‘hands free’ ride.  It was just the electrodes and my meat and nuts.  Amazing!”
Glenn:  “We didn’t rush anything.  In fact, every time Hank came close to cuming I dialed back the power.  We did this edge play for over 20 minutes until he was beggin’ me for release.  Being in control of his orgasm like this was a complete turn on for me.  I never thought I had it in me.”
Hank:  “It’s true, man, I was practically crying to have him make me cum.  My balls were so full they ached.  And the Testicle Tubular Electrode made them feel like basketballs.  It was so fuckin intense.”
Glenn:  “I finally granted his wish, but not before I shot my wad all over his face.”
Hank:  “The bastard actually shot first while I was still moaning to bust my nut.  Finally, he let me cum.  And I thought I was gonna die right then and there.”
Glenn:  “He let out a growl that came from so far down inside him it was like some wild beast.  The neighbors must have thought, WTF!
Hank:  “I was completely spent.  I could barely move.”
Glenn:  “It was totally awesome.”
Hank:  “Glenn got his chance with these puppies a couple nights later.  But we’ll save that story for another time.” is designed to wrap around your nuts, as well as separating each of your balls to spread the e-stim all over your family jewels. You get to adjust the focus by tightening or loosening the fit of the tubing.