PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug (C071)        $196.00

Gina & Kevin introduce us to the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your ass. Again, since we all have an asshole, none of us have to miss out on all the fun just because we don’t have the right parts.  Kevin and Gina are e-stim virgins.

Gina:  “Look everybody, we’re back with yet another butt toy for my sweet little Kevie’s booty.”
Kevin:  “It does look like I’m getting all the attention, huh?
Gina:  “It’s ok, because this Electro stuff scares me.  I mean I know it’s safe and all, but like Dixie I have this natural aversion to wires and my private parts.  I admit; I’m old fashioned that way.”
Kevin:  “LOL!  Yeah she’s just like the gal that married dear old dad.  NOT!”c071.jpg
Gina:  “Shut up!”
Kevin:  “Moving right along, the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug
Gina:  “I have to admit; it is pretty harmless looking.  And it’s flexible to a degree. You can even bend it a bit to an angle and it will hold its shape. I would consider using it myself, as a pussy plug, but not with it plugged in.”
Kevin:  “The plug has two separate electro pads, neither one is as obvious as Glenn’s.  Both are positioned on the plug to stimulate precise areas. One pad runs the entire length of the plug, for contact with my sphincter muscle.  The second, smaller pad is positioned opposite the first, along the plug’s head where it stimulated my prostate. We used plenty of the ElectroLube that came with the plug, both inside my ass and on the plug itself.”
Gina:  “By the way, we learned that you can use this electrode alone or in conjunction with another electrode, like the one that would go on your penis.  But more about that later.”
Kevin:  “Yeah ok so, here I am all lubed up and ready to go and then I get cold feet.  I know, what a pussy, huh?
Gina:  “I think that was my fault.  I was all nervous and I’m sure that my anxiety made him nervous.  Then finally I just said, ‘Go for it.  How bad could it be?’”
Kevin:  “I began to turn up the juice, as Hank put it.  It was like so friggin amazing.  The first thing I felt was involuntary muscle contractions in my sphincter.  This made the plug kinda dance rhythmically in my hole.  I almost shot my wad right then and there.”
Gina:  “OMG, you should have seen his face.  It was like he saw the heavens open.  He kept trying to grab my hand and guide it to his penis.  But I was afraid I was gonna get a shock.”
Kevin:  “I kept telling her it would be ok.  I certainly could feel the sensations in my cock and balls, but not in my hands when I touched myself.”
Gina:  “Finally I relented and let him eat me out while this thing was working his butt.  I know, generous of me, huh?  He devoured my pussy with an unexpected hunger.  I guess I need to feed his bottom like this more often.”
Kevin:  “I know; I was like some sex craved maniac.  She loved it.  So did I.  We even came together, and I didn’t even touch my dick.  That was like a total first for me.
Guys, if you’re into your ass, like me, there is nothing like Erotic Electro Stimulation.  Period.” is totally different from the plug that Glenn had in his talented ass.  Instead of being made of acrylic, like his, mine is made of a conductive silicone elastomer.  This makes it kinda soft as opposed to rigid, like Glenn’s.