PES Corona Stimulator

PES Corona Stimulator (C082)        $79.00

Hank & Glenn introduce us to the PES Corona Stimulator.  It’s one three corona focused PES Electrodes that target the Erotic Electro Stimulation to a your cockhead.  Pity the dick-less among us who’ll never know the ecstasy of this kind of erotic charge.

Hank:  “While Glenn was taking a smoke break over in the corner.  Tad and I had the Power Box to ourselves.  I was eager to try the PES Corona Stimulator.”
Glenn:  “I’m actually surprised Hank was up for this.  I’m the edgy pervert one in the family.
Hank:  “Part of being on the Review Crew is expanding our limits, right?  And I’m into my dick the way Glenn is into his ass.  That’s why the PES c082.jpgCorona Stimulator interested me.  So I thought I would take it for a little test drive.
Glenn:  “This, of course, aroused my attention right away.  Hank has the most beautiful, big, fat uncut dick in town.  I get all moist just seein it flop around when he’s strollin’ around the house in the buff.  So I mozied on over to where Tad and he are hookin’ him up to PES Corona Stimulator.”
Hank:  “I skinned back my foreskin and slipped the electrode over my dickhead.  I confess to being a little nervous, which actually turned out to be a good thing.  It would have been really uncomfortable trying to slip the head of my cock into this thing if I was hard.”
Glenn:  “I told you he had a big dick.”
Hank:  “I adjusted the PES Corona Stimulator
Glenn:  “Ya gotta use a lot of lube for this.”
Hank:  “I used the Corona Stimulator with the Tubular Mid-Ring, which promised to pretty much carry the stimulation through my entire shaft.  Once I had everything in place and wired up I was ready to go for it.
Glenn:  “Hank was still a little tentative, so I decided to put on a little show for him.  I got down on my knees and started to deep throat Tad’s meat.  This got Hank’s dick to swell.”
Hank:  “I really couldn’t jerk myself, like I normally would, so I started to fiddle with the knobs on the Power Box.  I began to feel a tingle as I tuned up the juice.  In moments I was rock hard.  The sensations were incredible.  Before that night I had never experienced a “hands free” orgasm. It was fuckin fantastic.  I thought I was gonna cum my guts out.
Glenn:  “It was pretty, alright.
Hank:  “Here’s a tip:  be sure shave any hair you might have off your shaft.  You don’t want hot spots, so that the top part laid over my piss slit. The ring goes around the head and connection doohickey hits me at my frenulum.”