ROPEX and Biogenica hGH+

Hey sex fans,

I have a couple of swell products to tell you about.  Both come from the good people at New Generation Labs.

Ya’ll know how suspicious I am (and so ought you be) of so many claims being made by some who produce herbal supplements, especially as these products apply to sexual functioning and wellbeing, right?  I mean there is so much crap (some of it even dangerous crap) and so much hype out there that it’s no wonder folks, like me (and hopefully you), often dismiss the entire industry as a bunch of snake oil promoters.

Then out of the blue, miracle of miracles, one happens upon the good stuff amidst the dross.  And it’s like HURRAY!  And my faith is restored.

I’ve had one such (actually two) eureka moment(s) lately that I want to tell you about.  Let’s do these babies one at a time, shall we?

Biogenica hGH+ — (30 ml) $34.95

For review purposes, the manufacturer sent me two bottles of Biogenica hGH+. By the way, it’s the only hGH formulation which carries an FDA Certification.  That, I can tell you, helped calm some of my initial misgivings.  The product delivery system is an (sublingual) oral spray.  I liked this feature a lot.  It sure beats skarffing down a bunch of pills.  Besides the absorption rate is much higher with this sort of delivery system.  So there’s a real big plus right there.

Unfamiliar with human Growth Hormone (GH) and its benefits, are ya?  Let me try to explain as best as I can, using layman’s terms. Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans and other animals.  It is secreted by our pituitary gland, which is located deep in our brain. GH is essential to healthy bones, muscles and organs.  Unfortunately, as we age GH secretion diminishes. (Damn the bad luck!)

In fact, clinical research found that GH concentration diminishes by 80% between the ages of 20 and 60.  (And when you are as ancient as I am you know the natural font of this stuff is pert-near dry!)  This lessening of output accounts for some of the more familiar side effects of aging, including a higher proportion of fat and a less lean body mass.  It also affects our skin and can impact on our libido and mood, among other things.

Some age related deterioration, of course, is best attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle most of us live.  It can’t all be blamed on our decreasing hormone production.  I mean, how many of us can actually claim we are scrupulous abut proper nutrition and exercise, which keeps our bodies and minds in peak condition while fighting the onset of aging?  (I know I try, but life is always getting in the way, don’t cha know.)

So ok, I did the recommended dose of Biogenica hGH+ — three sprays, under the tongue twice a day for as long as my supply lasted (approximately 6 weeks).  This was plenty of time to diminish any residual concern I may have had about a placebo effect.

I am happy to report that I was very pleased with the results.  I had a discernable increase in exercise tolerance and endurance.  My workouts were above normal. (And that’s saying something for someone at my seriously advanced age.)  I can’t honestly say that I lost body fat, but I wasn’t really working at that either.  I did notice an increase in my day-to-day energy level, as well as an improvement in my overall mood.  And that made everyone in my life a little bit happier.

And the icing on the cake, so to speak was a noticable increase in my libido.  So yea for that!  (I can’t tell if that made anyone else in my life happier, but it sure did me.)

I caution anyone from thinking that this is the fountain of youth.  It is not.  I also want to dissuade anyone from believing an herbal supplement, even a really terrific one like Biogenica hGH+,  will supplant the need for a healthy lifestyle.  It won’t.

That being said, I am pleased to recommend this product to any one (woman or man) who might be feeling a bit droopy lately.

Life got ya down?  Not much zip in your step?  Do ya need to get some lead in your pencil, as it were?  Well look no further sex fans; help is near to hand.  (Say, I wonder if we should send a boat-load of this stuff to John McCain?  God knows he needs something.)

Next we have ROPEX; a sexual support formula for men.

ROPEX $39.95

For review purposes, the manufacturer sent me three bottles of ROPEX, each containing 30 tablets.  This translates to roughly a 23-day supply (4 tablets twice a day for four days — The Loading Phase; and 3 tablets a day there after — The Maintenance Dose).

ropex-bottle.JPGROPEX is the granddaddy of sexual enhancement products.  It’s been around since the mid-1960’s.  (I suppose one might rightly conclude that the product’s longevity in the marketplace has something to do with its efficacy.)  It was formulated in Sweden as a means of invigorating the workings of one’s epididymides, vas deferens, Cowper’s gland and prostate. This is, as I hope ya’ll know, the part of the male reproductive system responsible for the lion share of our jizz production.

If, as the manufacturer claims, ROPEX increases spooge volume, it would naturally follow that it would also increase the number of ejaculatory contractions.  More spunk necessitates more contractions to expel it, right?  And that, sex fans, is a highly sought after effect for most men.

Guys get it in their head that the volume of cum and the velocity of their money shot is somehow associated with virility.  I’m not sure I buy that logic, but who among us doesn’t like a nice puddle of dickwad to play with and admire?

Before we get to my findings, there are a few things I’d like to point out.

  • ROPEX is 100% natural; made from non-allergenic pollen.  Lots of similar products are laced with knock-off pharmaceuticals, ya know.  And that’s never a good thing.
  • ROPEX is not a libido enhancer either.  You might want to look to Biogenica hGH+ for that.
  • ROPEX is not a Viagra substitute.

The claim is that ROPEX will boost the volume one’s ejaculate and increase one’s orgasmic contractions.

So does it live up to its claims, you ask?  Well yeah, it does.  I did notice an obvious pearl jam volume increase.  But this has never been something I’ve been overly consumed with.  I guess I’ve always been blessed with a big load.  Maybe that’s a genetic thing; who knows.

However, I certainly will recommend ROPEX to all the men who write to me with their worries about puny spunk production.  For all the guys out there who lament their dribble when they really want to shoot; why not give this product a whirl.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a tip:  the makers of these two products, New Generation Labs, offers a special — Order 2 Get 1 Free Option.  They also have a convenient auto-billing/auto-shipping option available for those who want a regular supply of their products (at an additional 10% discount) sent to them without the bother of going online to reorder.  Pretty cool, huh?