Lap Dancer Harness

Lap Dancer Harness $44.95

Soft neoprene harness adjusts that wraps around your thigh and secures with Velcro.  It holds a soft silicone dildo. Get your dollar bills ready for your private dancer.

Jack & Karen

Jack:  “The Lap Dancer Harness reminds me of a neoprene brace one uses when he has a pulled muscle.  Only this one comes with a wicked twist.  lap_dancer_thigh_harness.jpgThere a dildo attached.”
Karen:  “You wrap this cuff around your thigh with the dong on the top of your leg and away ya go!”
Jack:  “Karen put on a little strip show for me and a couple of our swinger friends, Mark and Linda.  We were all cheering her on with wolf whistles and cat calls.”
Karen:  “As I got down to my thong, Linda decided to join me, which drove the men wild.  I was kissing Linda and tweaking her nipples through her red-lace nightie.”
Jack:  “The girls were getting into it so much with each other, I had to remind them of the Lap Dancer Harness.
Karen:  “I approached Jack and began to orally service the dong that was thrust out there waiting for me.  I then straddled his leg facing away from him and slipped the dong in my pussy.  While I rode Jack’s leg I reached out and pulled Linda closer till I could lick her wet snatch.
Jack:  “Mark decided to get into the act with some backdoor action on Linda.  And I had hold of Karen’s tits while she jerked me off.
Karen:  “A better lap dance was never given…or received!”
Jack:  “It’s amazing how something as simple as the Lap Dancer Harness can transform a ordinary encounter into something very special indeed.”
Karen:  “We all got off, literally and figuratively, on the whole stripper role play.  I’m thinking there are still other yet undiscovered ways to use this harness and dildo.  I may just have to strap it on my knee and sink it in Jack’s ass one of these fine days.
We love all our new Sportsheets toys.  Thanks Dr Dick!”


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