Sportsheets Super Sex Sling

Sportsheets Super Sex Sling $ 66.49

The Super Sex Sling has a deluxe comfort neck rest, plus extended straps and padded supports. Fully adjustable, it lets you go wild for hours and hours.

Glenn & Hank

Glenn:  “I’m the bottom in our family.  Hank, here, he’s the top.”
Hank:  “Yeah, we’re just like Jack Sprat and his wife, only completely different.”  😉
Glenn:   “We sometime play in a mutual friend’s dungeon.  He has a full-on sling setup that I absolutely love.  Hank and I would have one too, but it’s completely impractical in our apartment.”
Hank:  “While the Super Sex Sling isn’t in the same ballpark as a pimped-out leather sling hanging from the rafters, it does serve much the same purpose.”
Glenn:   “Yep, Hank (and others) can fuck the bejesus otta me and my legs don’t tire in the ass-ult.”
Hank:  “And I don’t have to expend all my energy tryin’ to keep Glenn’s bubba-sized legs up and apart.  And that makes a big difference in my endurance during the fuck, I’m happy to report.”
Glenn:   “The Super Sex Sling allows me to use my upper body strength to manage my super_sling.JPGlegs.  I get to lift and separate my legs as much as I want and need.  This is perfect, because the more tension I have in the muscles in my thighs, the more tension I have in my glutes.  And the more tension I have in my ass muscles; the more powerful my orgasm is gonna be.”
Hank:  “And Glenn can hold his position even if I have to move to readjust my position.  And there’s nothin finer then seeing my man’s legs open wide and pulled back so I can gaze upon his hairy hole as it winks at me,”
Glenn:   “This device is worth its weight in gold, no doubt about it.
But here’s the thing.  If I saw this package in a store I would walk right on by it.  The guy and girl on the cover look great and all, but I would have never stopped and considered how this sling might be used by me — a big gay homosexual — and my husband.”
Hank:  “I totally agree.  I looked all over the Sportsheets website, the only packaging they have represents straight people.  That’s so disappointing.  I’d be willing to bet that if they repackaged some of their toys using two hot guys on the cover in the same way they use the straight couple, their shit would fly off the shelf.  I know it would get my attention ASAP!”