Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser

Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser $49.95

Joy and Glenn

Joy:  “Glenn and I decided to team up on this review since we are both so passionate about Kegel exercises.”
Glenn:  “Yeah, we want everyone to work their PC (pubococcygeus muscle) for happier, healthier fucking!”
Joy:  “The
Energie Kegel Exerciser is a ergonomically shaped weighted barbell sorta deal that you insert into your energie.jpgpussy or butt (or both if you’re lucky enough to be a woman) to strengthen your PC muscles. You lie on your back, lubricate the Energie, and insert.  You can use either water-based or my favorite — silicone-based lube.  Once you have it in your vagina, you simply do your Kegels muscle contraction and relaxation exercises like usual, but the results are more dramatic.  It’s like takin’ your pussy to the gym!”
Glenn:  “Totally!  The same is true for Kegel training in your ass.  When I was finally able to wrestle the
Energie away from Joy for my night with this beauty, I loved it.  It’s heftier than other toys I’ve used for this purpose, just over 14 oz.  So the workout was great.
I found I needed to put a cushion under my hips to raise my ass off the floor to use the
Energie effectively.  Ya see, ya have to let gravity do its thing.  I mean if half the weight is on the floor, it’s not gonna work your PC muscles to its full potential.”
Joy:  “I agree!  When I had a chance to use it anally, I also used a couple of pillows.  One word of caution; you do have to be careful that you don’t insert the
Energie too far up your butt.  It’s not likely that you will, because of the weight.  And it is, after all, 6 1/2″ long x 1 1/4″ thick at its widest point.  It’s also flared at both ends.  But this thing is not like a traditional butt plug; it doesn’t have an actual notch in it for your sphincter to close on to for keeping it in place.”
Glenn:  “Good point!
I also want to say that the
Energie felt fantastic on my prostate.  It’s like getting a prostate massage while you are working your PC muscle.  You can’t beat that!”
Joy:  “You can if you’re a gurrl!  When I was using the
Energie vaginally it was doing a real number on my G-spot.
I want to make sure that all women, especially postpartum or post-menopausal women know about this amazing exerciser.  It will revolutionize their sex life, I promise.
Energie is easy to keep clean, mild soap and warm water will do.  You can also sterilize it (before sharing) by dropping it into boiling water for minute or two. And it comes in a really nice storage case.”