Onkor Energy – For Men

Onkor Energy — For Men $24.95

Are you like me, sex fans?  Always looking to squeeze one more productive hour out of each day?  Well if you are, I know where you can go for the help you need to make this happen.  And I’m not suggesting a furtive visit to your local drug dealer either.

Before I continue; I need to confess that I’ve probably tried every sort of “energy” drink, bar, additive, powder, pill, potion, concoction, mixture, brew or what have you on the market in my search for the illusive energy boost to tide me through the day.

For the most part, I’ve been terribly disappointed by everything I tried.  That’s not to say that one doesn’t get a jolt from some of these products.  After all many of them contain enough caffeine and/or sugar to get an elephant buzzed.  But there is always that huge let down after the high.  It’s like the ingredients would shift my body into high gear; only to have it slammed into reverse when the additives deplete themselves in my system.  No thank you!

I stopped using any sort of “energy boost” product a long time ago.  I just couldn’t tolerate the shock to my system when one or another of these products actually worked.  That’s why I was so skeptical about this new item.

To tell the truth, Onkor Energy — For Men wasn’t anything I actually requested to review.  It just sorta came in the package, along with several other products, from the people at Oceanus Naturals.  (I will be reviewing the other, more sex related items; lubes and the like, in upcoming weeks.)  But for now, I want to turn my attention to this amazing stuff, because it has turned my opinion of energy “supplements” on its head.  (Look for the Onkor Energy — For Women review HERE.)

Here’s the crazy thing.  I was so convinced that this stuff wasn’t gonna work that I wasn’t really paying all that close onkormenattention to the incremental boost in energy I was experiencing.  A week into the “program” I had an opportunity to chat by phone with my contact, David, over at Oceanus Naturals.  He asked for my feedback on Onkor Energy.   I told him point-blank that I wasn’t feeling any effects, no buzz, no nothin’.  He explained that Onkor Energy will not give me a bump like I get from caffeine and/or sugar; that’s why it’s so revolutionary.  At the same time, I won’t slump or crash like I do from caffeine and/or sugar laced produces either.  This part was definitely true.  There were no debilitating side effects to Onkor Energy — For Men.

David went on to say that Onkor Energy is all about a linear release, not a jolt.  That’s why it takes a while to notice the subtle changes. The topical cream is absorbed into your body through your skin, which won’t tax your kidneys or adrenal glands.  That really appealed to me.

As luck would have it, the day after my phone chat with David, I was working with my colleague Jada on a presentation we were preparing.  We were buzzin’ through our “to do list” when Jada commented; “You are like a house on fire today.  What’s up with that?  Are you mainlining the coffee thing?”

I thought about it for a second and realized she was right.  I was definitely firin’ on all cylinders that morning…and after coming off a very respectable workout at the gym too.  But it wasn’t coffee.  In fact, I had had one less cup that morning, because I left that house so early.  Finally, it dawned on me.  It had to be the Onkor Energy.  Nothing else had changed in my lifestyle to account for this surprising revitalization.

All this occurred over a month ago and I am still at the top of my game.  I am more alert and experience very little fatigue during the day, even after lunch.  My gym workouts are commendable; my cardio workouts with the dog are less taxing; I’m not so groggy in the morning; and I sleep well at night.

Could Onkor Energy be the Holy Grail I’ve been searching for all this time?  Well, without becoming overly dramatic about it all; I will say without reservation — Onkor Energy has yet to let me down…so to speak.

Each morning all I gotta do is pump a little of this concoction (the color and texture of chocolate mousse) onto my fingertips and then rub that into the skin on my upper thigh or inner arm.  It takes 15 seconds tops!

Ya’ll should probably also know that this stuff has a very distinctive fragrance.  It smells just like chocolate and coconut.  It’s not in any way an unpleasant smell, but it is a curious scent to emanate from one’s skin.  I smell like a big giant chocolate macaroon for at least 20 minutes after putting this stuff on.  This won’t be a problem unless of course you planned on wearing another fragrance like eau de tuna fish salad or eau de pepperoni pizza.  😉

All you people out there who live your life like there is no tomorrow, burning your candle at both ends, this product might be just what you are looking for.  Instead of the vicious cycle of jacking yourself up with caffeine (or worse), or winding down with several cocktails (or worse) you could be experiencing an energy boost that is way more natural and more sustainable.  In doing so, you will also be doing your sex life a great big favor.

Just so that we’re clear — this product is not miraculous.  It will not override a pathologically unhealthy lifestyle.  But I do believe Onkor Energy could help wean us off of some of the more harmful food related stimulants and depressants we regularly consume to manage the roller coaster ride that is modern life.  This would give our body a chance to recoup and renew itself.  We would also diminish the negative impact caffeine, artificial additives and sugar has on our sexual response cycle.  And this in turn, would make us better, hornier and more energetic lovers.  That is if you ask me!