Lucky Lube

Lucky Lube — 4 oz Tub — $9.99

For review purposes the ever-so-sexy Eyal Feldman from BBL LLC sent me three teeny-tiny sample packages of his newest lube, Lucky. It’s a water-based, hypoallergenic, non-staining, female friendly, latex-safe personal lubricant.

What’s so great about Lucky is that Eyal has managed to make a water-based personal lubricant in a creamylucky.jpg form. And that, sex fans, is nothing short of revolutionary.

Some of you may already be familiar with Eyal’s other, very popular line of lube products — Boy Butter. Which is a creamy coconut-oil based lube that is great for jerkin’ off and such, but not good for use with a condom.

So now you see why Lucky is so innovative. It is creamy, just like Boy Butter, but it’s water-based. So it’s condom safe! And it is made right here in the good old US of A. How great is that?

I’m also gonna go way out on a limb here and guess that Lucky — the creamy water-based lube for woman — is pretty much the same thing as Boy Butter H2O Lube — the creamy water-based lube for men. I could be wrong, but how different could the two products be?

So my review mate, Greg, and me had a tough time putting Lucky through the rigorous Dr Dick review process. It’s not that the product wasn’t any good. On the contrary, we pretty much liked it fine. The difficulty was there was so precious little product to actually review! I mean, how far can three incy-weency, 5 ml sample packs go, for cryin’ out loud?

We used one whole pack just gettin’ a sense of the texture on our fingers and other parts of our manly bodies. But even here we had to use the product ever so sparingly. Greg and I agreed that the texture was great. We liked the creamy a lot, don’t cha know. It was nice and silky. We thought the fragrance was OK. It smelled kinda like vanilla ice cream. Does that scent instill a sense of passion? I suppose for some it does. I had to keep in mind that this product was formulated for those of the female persuasion. And you know how they are! 😉

Then both of us had one single packet each to test Lucky — first, without a condom; then with a condom.

We both agreed that strokin’ with Lucky was best without a condom. We both experienced a bit of stickiness when we stroked with a condom. We thought it dried out pretty quickly too. Maybe this was the result of having so very little lube to work with. But we couldn’t say for sure.

And that is pretty much all either one of us is willing to commit to about this product, at this time. That is except that Lucky cleans-up real easy, cuz it’s water-based, don’t cha know!

And, here’s a great big plus! Lucky didn’t shame-stain the linens. Those of you familiar with oil-based and silicone-based lubes already know that their shame-stains are a bitch to launder.