The Art of The Pump

This is Part 3 of a 4-part series. Part 3 is HERE

Pumping session checklist

In the previous posting we took a closer look at the mechanics of a penis pump. Every penis pump has basically the spunksame three features: a cylinder (or vacuum chamber), a pump mechanism attached to the cylinder to create the vacuum and a release valve to eliminate the vacuum.

Now, what do you say we take one of these babies out for a ride? In doing so we’ll pay attention to the proper and safe use of a pump. So why not drop your drawers and get comfy? We may be here for a while.

Here’s what you’ll need to have close at hand: your pump, some lube (I suggest water based lube, it makes clean up a whole lot easier.), your trusty cockring, and some towels for keeping your hands free of lube while operating the pump mechanism.

If you bought your pump as a kit, there’s a good chance the manufacturer included a cockring (or compression ring) in the package. Are you not sure you’d know a cockring from a hole in your head, or know how to use one even if you knew what a cockring was? Ok, here’s a quick tutorial.


A cockring is simply a device worn around the base of your dick to help you maintain an erection. All you rocket scientists know that your erection is caused by blood flow, right? Since blood flows into your johnson through arteries deep inside your dick, and blood flows out of your dick through the veins nearer the surface of your tool, wearing a cockring can help to keep more blood inside your dick shaft for a longer period of time.

I recommend a flexible or adjustable cockring. These are generally made of stretchable rubber or leather. For the more daring among us, there are the rings of metal variety. While some of these look way cool, they are a bitch to put on and take off. They can also be dangerous if worn for too long a time.

Here’s how you put on a nonadjustable cockring.
1. Pull your ball sack through the ring first.
2. Follow this by popping each of your balls through the ring one at a time.
3. Now bend your cock down and pull it through the ring.
4. Pull the ring snug against your pubic bone at that base of your cock.

Here’s a tip: Put your cockring on before you have a full hardon, it will make the task easier. To take the cockring off, simply reverse these steps, pushing your flaccid cock back through the ring first, followed by each of your balls, and finally your ball sack.

If you use a cockring before you start pumping you’ll want to use one that is as inconspicuous as possible. Too big a ring will get in the way of you making that all important airtight seal at the base of your dick. Some pumping guides suggest that you put on the cockring after you’ve pumped to a full erection. But you’ll only be able to do that if you use a flexible or adjustable cockring for the reasons I mentioned above.

Since the general agreement is that a penis pump can be useful in helping a guy get an erection, let’s begin our first pumping exercise with this as our objective. We’ll leave the more controversial and illusive “enhancement” goal for later.


Take a good look at your willie. If you’ve got a big bush down there or if there’s a lot of hair growing on your rod, you might want to consider doing some light trimming. Anything that will interfere with creating the airtight seal at the base of your dick is going to be a problem. If you do shave, wait a few hours after shaving before you get on with your pumping.

Grab your lube, but before you start slavering all over the place, get a feel for how your pump is going to work. Make sure you know where the release valve is and how it works. To test your pump, press the cylinder against the palm of your hand or your inner thigh, create an airtight seal. Then squeeze the pump mechanism (bulb, piston, plunger, or handgrip) to create the vacuum. You should feel a pull on your skin as the vacuum forms. Once you get the hang of it, press the release valve to eliminate the vacuum.

Ok, let’s try to relax. How about taking some nice deep breaths? The more relaxed and comfortable we are the better our pump session will be.

Start by lubing up your dick. Get a nice boner goin’. Slather the lube around the base of your dick too. Be generous in the application. Wipe off your hands and grab the cylinder. Make sure your pump mechanism is securely attached to the cylinder. If you have a pump with a stretchy rubber, or jelly-like doughnut seal at the base of the cylinder, you’re in luck. These will help create a tighter, more secure seal. Of course, this will also necessitate that you have a hard enough stiffy to push past the seal opening and into the cylinder.

Work some of that lube into the seal itself; either with your fingers or the tip of your dick. Keep wiping off your hands, because when it comes time to actually operate the pump mechanism you don’t want to get that important part of your device covered in lube. It will be too slippery to handle.

Now slip your hardon inside the cylinder. If you’ve lost a bit of your wood, don’t be too worried. Just as long as you can get your dick through the donut seal you’ll be fine. If you can’t get hard enough to do that, remove the seal and place your cock in the cylinder as is. You can always replace the seal later, once you’re good and hard.

Pumping Technique

Press the cylinder tightly against your pubic bone at the base of your cock. Grab the pump mechanism and give it a couple of squeezes. If you’ve got an airtight seal goin’, you will begin to feel a snugness and a pull. If you’re lucky enough to have a pressure gauge on your device, increase the pump till the gauge reads 5, or up to, but never more than 10. If you find that you need to keep pumping just to maintain the pressure, this means you’ve got a leak somewhere. Probably at the base of your cock, but it could also be the connection between the pump mechanism and the cylinder. Either way, you’ll have to resolve this before you continue.

If everything is going smoothly, you’ll be able to see your hardon “grow” (in length and girth) inside the chamber. How fun is that? There ought to be just enough suction for you to feel the pull and enjoy the show. Stay with your body; go slow and be gentle. It will take some time before you discover your body’s own unique response to pumping. Continue to monitor how the pumping session feels. If there’s any discomfort or pain, STOP immediately! Press the release valve to terminate the vacuum.

Your first few sessions should never exceed two 10 minute back-to-back sets with a break in between those sets for some cock massage. Remember, this first pumping exercise has the simple goal of helping you get wood. And you should have accomplished that by now. So let’s not get carried away.

If you’re in an altered state, because of drugs and/or alcohol you should not be pumping. If your body is desensitized you’ll be more likely to make errors in judgment. For example, pumping for too long, or pumping up too quickly. Both will lead to broken capillaries and bruising. Also, keeping the rim of the cylinder in place for too long time will cut into the delicate skin at the root of your dick. You can also cause damage to the ligaments surrounding your dick. So please, have your wits about you during your pump sessions.

Use that massage session in between your pumping sets to do some edging. Don’t know what edging is? Here’s the deal; edging is a way of masturbating where you stimulate your cock to the edge of an orgasm, then either slow or stop the stimulation in order to make things last. This method of delaying orgasm can be fun all by itself, or you can use it to build up a more powerful orgasm when you have one.

Once you’re finished with your pumping session it’s time for clean-up. Be sure to thoroughly wash your cock with soap and water; take a piss too. If you don’t get all that lube off, your skin will be come irritated and you’ll itch like crazy. I strongly advise that you keep your pump cylinder, hose, pump mechanism, and any inserts clean too. Lube build-up is never a good thing. Here’s a tip, the better polycarbonate cylinders and silicone inserts are dishwasher safe.

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