Pump’s Effect on Penis Size

This is Part 4 of a 4-part series

In the last section we got acquainted with penis pumps in an up close and personal way. Since there is general agreement that a penis pump can indeed be useful in helping a guy get a hardon, we began our first pumping experience with that precise goal; getting a strong, full erection. In doing so we paid attention to the proper and safe use of a pump.

Now we’ll turn our attention to that more illusive and controversial claim of “male enhancement” through pumping. We’ll begin this second experience with the goal of trying to add length and/or girth to our cock using a pump. In doing so we’ll try to get a handle on all the hype swirling around the whole notion of penis enlargement. And we’ll try to separate what is fact from what is fiction.

We already know that we need to use our penis pump carefully. Overuse or over-enthusiastic pumping can cause blood vessel damage, bruising, and blistering. If you have a pressure gauge on your device, always keep the pressure between -5 and –10 in Hg (mercury inches), never any more.

Last time we discovered that if everything is connected properly and we have an air-tight seal at the base of our dick, we’re able to see our hardon “grow” in length and girth inside the vacuum chamber. By maintaining a nice constant pressure we can feel the erotic pull of the suction while we enjoy the show.

But is our dick really growing? Is it actually gaining length and girth as the hype trumpets? Well yes, in a manner of speaking. The penis pump can temporally inflate our cock to its maximum size, by increasing the amount of blood and other fluids that flow into the corpus cavernosa and surrounding tissue. Increased blood flow into the corpora cavernosa (see Part 1) via pumping can increase the girth of our cock, but can only add a minimal increase to length. In other words, it’s easier to pump girth than it is to pump length. But alas, there is no reliable documentation of long lasting effects in either length or girth though pumping. A word to the wise, “male enhancement” can be had, so to speak, just as long as you don’t expect it to last forever.

I know, I know, I can hear all you avid pumpers out there proclaim;

Hey Dr Dick, my dick is considerably bigger than it was before I began my pumping regiment.

That may be true. All I’m sayin’ is there’s no scientific documentation of long lasting effects. Besides, can you honestly say that your “gains” will last? Or will they evaporate when you cease your pumping regiment, as others have discovered?

Everyone I know who has achieved significant gain in terms of both cock length and girth has done so by transforming their dick into a grotesque balloon lookin’ thing. Don’t believe me? Pictures of these disturbingly misshapen penises can be found online. The owners of these monstrosities, the pump-crazed crowd, pride themselves in their freaky creations. Their cock and balls only faintly resemble their original naturally-given package. And they’ve altered not just the dimensions of their cock and balls, but the skin texture as well. These men are also less likely to be able to get it up without a pump. But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Suspensory Ligaments

I want to call your attention to one thing about our anatomy that I haven’t yet talked about: the suspensory ligaments. These ligaments attach your dick to your pubic bone; holding it in place and close to your body. They also support your johnson when it’s erect. I bring this up now, because these ligaments can be stretched, which will cause a modest lengthening of one’s cock. And pumping as well as weighted pumping (as mentioned in Part 3) can cause this to happen.

As an aside, there is a surgical method of “male enhancement” that severs these ligaments allowing the root of a guy’s dick to drop forward and extend out, creating the illusion of a longer cock. But for the most part, the lengthening is just that, an illusion. A guy’s limp dick may appear longer, but the surgery cannot affect the length of his hardon. In fact, there is a real danger that, if the patient doesn’t scrupulously attend to a regiment of penis stretching exercises after surgery, the severed ligaments will actually heal shorter than they previously were and all “gains” will be lost. Sounds risky and expensive; and it is!

So we know that the more one pumps the greater the pumper’s cock will develop in terms of girth. This girth development will also slowly stretch the suspensory ligament and his dick will hang slightly lower. Does this mean he’s actually added length to his cock through pumping? Not really, not any more than the surgical technique mentioned above would do.

Ok, remember the ancient practice of jelqing I mentioned way back in Part 2? The Jelq involves massaging and stretching one’s semi-erect cock in a rhythmic and regular manner; enhancing blood flow within the shaft. The claim is that after several months of this, one can see a size increase; both in girth and length. As it turned out, this age-old method of gentle massaging and pulling is actually a manual means of stretching the suspensory ligament. Building on this technique, pumping buffs have devised a way to pump and stretch the suspensory ligament simultaneously! What clever lads!

Ball Pumping

Perhaps, this is as good a time as any for us to briefly divert our attention to ball pumping. It will have an impact on the whole “male enhancement” thing; as we will see in a minute. I mentioned in Part 1 that guys have been stretching their balls for just about as long as men have had balls…and that’s a mighty long time. A pair of big low hangin’ balls is the only thing that screams male virility and potency as much as a big dick. In fact, many societies throughout history considered a man’s nuts as sacred. They were revered as objects of religious, social, cultural, and even magical power.

When a man would take an oath in ancient Rome, he would grab his balls in the same way we put our hand on a bible today. In fact, that’s where we got the word “testify“, from the Latin: testis. Men discovered early on that ball stretching was erotic, fun, and relatively easy. Just to clarify: when I say “ball stretching”, I really mean sack (scrotum) stretching. One cannot increase the size of his actual balls (testicles). Soon men in many societies were stretching their junk to call attention to their manliness. Men were able to lengthen their balls with very little effort with the help of a stretching device, of which there are several varieties; weighted rings work real nicely.

Pumping buffs have known about ball pumping for decades. It didn’t take a great deal of ingenuity to figure that out, right? The ingenious discovery was that if one used a larger cylinder, the kind that would accommodate both one’s dick and balls at the same time, the pull at the base of one’s cock would be greater than just pumping the dick alone. Clearly, this would intensify the stretching of the suspensory ligament, causing more of a lengthening effect.

Male Enlargement

Here’s a tip: You can only swap out one size cylinder for another size if you have a more advanced penis pump.  These pumps have a more sophisticated coupling device that locks the male (hose) and female (cylinder) parts together; making a secure seal. This setup also allows the pumper to disconnect the hose and pump mechanism from the cylinder, leaving the airtight seal in place on one’s cock. This feature comes in handy if you choose to one day add weights to your pumping device, or if you want to use other attachments.

I am compelled to raise some very serious safety issues here. Every trustworthy pumping guide warns the user away from using a pressure greater than –10 in Hg (mercury inches). But some advocates of extreme pumping go on to say that adding weights to the cylinder will further stretch out the suspensory ligament. The problem is that one cannot add even a modest weight to the cylinder at –10 in Hg and expect the vacuum to hold. Therefore, without coming right out and saying so, these pumpers tacitly advocate pumping at greater pressures. I think this is really irresponsible and dangerous. So prospective pumpers BEWARE!

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